Why Choose LarCal?

  • Many companies will ask that you provide the artwork in line-art format or else charge you $35+ per hour to help you with it!

    • At LarCal we may have a one-time setup fee (usually $49.95 or less) which is usually waived depending on the artwork! We will of course notify you of all charges before production.

  • Other companies estimate a turn-a-round time of 10-15 days!

    • We usually can produce and ship your magnets within 1-3 business days, and when possible will ship your magnets same day you order!

  • You may have paid up to $80 for a set of two magnets with only one color!

    • LarCal's price for a set of two magnets with one color costs as low as $35 for the same quality product!

  • A few other points to mention:

    • With LarCal there is never a minimum order! bullet We aim for 110% customer satisfaction, this is why you can call us any time of any day of the year!